Safety and Behavior on Act for Rights

Act for Rights is a platform that offers human rights activists the opportunity to join communities with other activists. The platform contains theme groups for registered users, where you can meet and collaborate with other activists.
These theme groups are divided into categories from closed groups that require special approval, to groups that are accessible to all registered users.

For you who are a registered user

Act for Rights must be a safe space for everyone who participates in activities on the platform. It is important that you, as a user, always respect others and seek to maintain a good tone when entering into dialogue with others.


As the platform is still experimental, we can not yet guarantee full security and protection against malicious attacks from outside. It is important that you as a user pay special attention not to share information or content that is ruthless towards others, personal information that is shared against the will of others, or content or information that may otherwise harm yourself or others.
Always think about how information that you share could be used or misused by others.

Abuse, ruthless or unacceptable behavior

We can not take responsibility for users’ behavior on the platform, but we have a zero-tolerance policy towards abuse, ruthless or unacceptable behavior that may harm others and that we become aware of.

You will be able to report problematic content to us. These options can be found by clicking the three dots to the right of each post.

If you experience abuse of the platform, ruthless or unacceptable behavior, please contact us as soon as possible, and with information about which user is involved and what activities are involved.

Also read our privacy statement, as well as our disclaimer.